Trinidad Mission UPDATE:

01 May

I am taking advantage of some “free internet” I borrowed from a neighbor to let you know about the mission trip here in Trinidad. God has been moving already…

  1. I have made contact with a local pastor that I feel has great potential to help us keep spiritual progress going throughout the year, even  after we go back to the States. This Pastor had been praying for another pastor to help him and I had been praying for a local pastor that I could help and God laid this man on my heart. When I arrived I requested a meeting with him, he knew nothing about what I wanted to talk with him, but when I told him God put him on my heart he began to cry, and say “God has heard my prayers” I even brought some books for him that have helped me in the past and unknown to me they were specific books he had been praying for. AMAZING!
  2. We have a lot of opportunity to witness and pass out Bibles and gospel tracts, with great reception. We have also renewed old acquaintances and had opportunity to encourage converts from past mission trips. We have been able to make new contacts that seem interested in the gospel.
  3. Bro. Bill and Sister Rebecca Ribbans invited a Hindu man last week to revival and tonight he came to the service. We gave him a Bible and made him feel welcome. He listened intently all service. I spoke to him at the end of service telling him it was good to see him, he complimented the preaching and I said to him “I feel that the Holy Spirit of God was speaking words to your heart to night as I was preaching” he replied with tear willed eyes “Yes!” He wouldn’t speak much more but he took a bunch of gospel literature and promised to come back tomorrow. Please pray for this man’s salvation.

I will save the rest for when we return, we still have two days left, pray they are even more fruitful. Thank you VBC family and other Trinidad mission supporters from the bottom of my heart for investing in Eternity. All those that pray, give and support these trips will are all partakers in the rewards. Pray On!

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