“Starting the New Year Right”

06 Jan

Luke 15:6  And when he cometh home…”

Home is, one of the nicest words there is…that is if that home is a happy place filled with the love of Christ. What do you find when you come home? God has big plans for your home; he desires it to be a warm, happy and productive place where love abounds and good futures are born.  When I think of a New Year I think of the word opportunity. You and I have been given an opportunity to make a difference in our home, church & community and that all has to start somewhere. Let me give you a few suggestions for your family circle this year.

 1.      Have a family BIBLE time

This can consist of reading a passage of scripture then speak briefly about its meaning; this can also be reading through a particular book of the Bible together as a family. You can also pick a topic such as kindness and look up & read those particular passages together. At Victory, we make many resources available through our website, blogs and literature racks in the church foyer. Any of these resources can be used to enhance family circles.  

2.      Have a family PRAYER time

This is a time for each member of the family to make prayer requests and then take turns praying with family members. Record these request in your family prayer book to help you keep track of God’s blessings. Make it public when a prayer is answered and mark it off your list as a family; rejoice together as God answers your prayers. Make a big deal of Gods wonderful works. This will show God’s power to your family as well as get people in your family use to praying in front of others. Use your church prayer list and Missionary cards as a place to start your prayer time.

3.      Have a family FUN time

You should have a regular time that your family sets aside to play games together. Laughter is like a medicine the Bible teaches us and it is needed now more than ever. Play games like; Bible sword drills, Bible questions, board/card games….these will help enhance your family unit to a new level. Laughter locks families together better than money or possessions ever could.  

4. Have family QUALITY time

Turn off all distractions and sit together as a family and talk. You can go around and ask family members to say one nice thing about each other. Talk openly about successes and failures; discuss plans for future activities and family recreation times. Make sure to have a quality time with each member of your family individually. One on one time is a valuable tool in raising a faithful and God honoring family. TV is not quality time!

Someone once said, “The family that prays together stays together” I believe that a family that is welded together by Biblical and Spiritual bonds will be stronger and more prepared to face the disruptions of life. God is able to make the lasting difference in your family that you are looking for. Put God first and watch him move in ways that will enhance your family spirit and empower you to stay strong through difficult times for years to come. Families spend much time and money seeking to find a solution to their family issues; in the end, often the world’s medications, psychologists & counselors fail to bring the real and lasting solutions they need. THROUGH CHRIST and his word you will find the family you seek.


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