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Your Actions Will Always Follow Your Attitude

Proverbs 23:7 “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he…” the biblical principle behind this verse is: Your Actions will always follow your Attitude! If you don’t care, you won’t succeed; if you predetermine to fail, then you can expect to fall.

On the other hand, God wants us to try hard, apply ourselves and put forth as much effort as we can. He wants us to keep our head up, our attitude positive and our thoughts on His Word. Christ is able to be the difference you need….let Philippians 4:13 be your thought process: “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”

The verse says I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me; what does this mean and how can we apply it to our lives today? By applying the principles of this verse, you will find the strength to maintain the positive attitude needed to produce the positive actions you are looking for. Here are some encouraging thoughts from this passage:

Christ is our source of strength. The same Jesus that walked on water in Matthew 14, then caused the destructive winds of the Galilean Sea to cease at his command in Mark 4, the same Jesus that healed the man with leprosy instantly in Luke 5, and caused the blind man to see in John 9, he is the same Jesus that died on the cross for our sins, was then put in the grave and three days later came back to life, this is the same Jesus that will one day return to earth to take his children home to heaven and THIS IS THE SAME JESUS  that is your strength today! Never doubt him; accept him, trust him and put your full confidence in him, He will never let you down.  

I can do all things. Christ strengthens us to do what we cannot. Through Christ working in me, I can do all things. I can make good decisions; I can overcome defeat, doubt and temptation; I can be a godly church member, parent, spouse and friend; I can overcome addictions, fears and worry; through Christ I can love, be kind and show generosity to others; through Christ I can be faithful and fulfill my commitments; through Christ, I can do what needs to be done! Paul wrote this letter not from a luxurious penthouse suite, but from a cold and dreary Roman prison; regardless of his present condition, Paul knew that whether good or bad he could do all things that needed to be done through the strength of Christ which was in him. Whatever you need to do, Christ has the strength to do it!

Through Christ. This means that Christ is the vehicle by which we succeed. HE is the fertile ground in which the plant can grow. He is the water, sun and nutrients that feeds the plant to its maturity. Christ says in John 15:4-5  Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in me.  5  I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing. When we stay with Christ, in Christ and close to Christ; his strength and understanding empower and enable us to achieve our desired destinations. We are productive through Christ and helpless apart from him. Some may doubt their need for Christ, thinking they can succeed on their own. I ask that skeptic to use his own power to make the food he eats to grow out of the ground, let him heal his dying loved one from their death bed, let him recover his strength when he is sick and cannot work to provide for his own. We are limited in our ability but Christ is above all and overall and can never be less than completely perfect in his power and strength. Stay with the power, stay with Christ.

Your actions will always follow your attitude…so love the Lord, read his word and pray daily, go to church and tell others about His goodness. Keep a faithful attitude that obeys Gods every command, listen to the Holy Spirit when he moves you to action and you will grow in the strength of Christ. Your life will be productive and your heart will be at peace. Keep a “Christ-Attitude” and you will find that the right actions will follow.




Always Triumph in Christ


“Now thanks be unto God, which always causeth us to triumph in Christ…2 Corinthians 2:14” 

No matter what we are facing, we have a Savior that is more than capable to meet the demands of the battle.

Specialist 5th Class Clarence Sasser distinguished himself while assigned to Headquarters Company, 3d Battalion, in the Ding Tuong Province, Republic of Vietnam, on January 10, 1968. Sasser was serving as a medical aidman with Company A, 3d Battalion, on a reconnaissance in force operation. His company was making an air assault when suddenly it was taken under heavy small arms, recoilless rifle, machinegun and rocket fire from well fortified enemy positions on three sides of the landing zone.

During the first few minutes, over 30 casualties were sustained. Without hesitation, Specialist 5th Class Sasser ran across an open rice paddy through a hail of fire to assist the wounded. After helping one man to safety, was painfully wounded in the left shoulder by fragments of an exploding rocket. Refusing medical attention, he ran through a barrage of rocket and automatic weapons fire to aid casualties of the initial attack and, after giving them urgently needed treatment, continued to search for other wounded.

Despite two additional wounds immobilizing his legs, he dragged himself through the mud toward another soldier 100 meters away. Although in agonizing pain and faint from loss of blood, Specialist 5th Class Sasser reached the man, treated him, and proceeded on to encourage another group of soldiers to crawl 200 meters to relative safety. There he attended their wounds for five hours until they were evacuated. Specialist 5th Class Sasser’s extraordinary heroism is in keeping with the highest traditions of the military service and reflects great credit upon himself, his unit, and the U.S. Army.

I am thankful and humbled by the extraordinary bravery and commitment from Specialist 5th Class Sasser and others like him. We must never forget brave soldiers that gave much and those that are actively serving for this great country and our freedom. This type of sacrifice causes me to think of the hope and victory that we have through Jesus Christ.

The Lord Jesus took on the whole army of darkness the day he faced the cross of Calvary. He carried the sins of the whole world on his back as he took fire from the Roman whips and the agonies of the cross. As he hung bleeding and battered that day, it appeared to his enemies that he wouldn’t survive; in fact he died after 6 hours and was in the tomb for three days…but wait, can you hear the faint sounds of earth and stone moving in the stillness of that remote garden outside of Jerusalem. It is Resurrection morning and Jesus has conquered the last enemy which is death, he stands alive, victorious over sin, and all those who stand in him have the same power of life he possesses. All the power and fullness of the Godhead that is in Christ is in his children. His life becomes our life, his strength is our strength. 

Child of God, REJOICE, SHOUT and CRY LOUD the praises of a Savior who causes us to always triumph. God’s infallible word says ALWAYS TRIUMPH! I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. There is not one enemy I cannot defeat, not one sin I cannot overcome when I stand in the power & strength of Christ Jesus. What is it that has you down, defeated and distressed? Are you in Christ? Are you saved? Then you will always triumph “Through Christ.”

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“Starting the New Year Right”

Luke 15:6  And when he cometh home…”

Home is, one of the nicest words there is…that is if that home is a happy place filled with the love of Christ. What do you find when you come home? God has big plans for your home; he desires it to be a warm, happy and productive place where love abounds and good futures are born.  When I think of a New Year I think of the word opportunity. You and I have been given an opportunity to make a difference in our home, church & community and that all has to start somewhere. Let me give you a few suggestions for your family circle this year.

 1.      Have a family BIBLE time

This can consist of reading a passage of scripture then speak briefly about its meaning; this can also be reading through a particular book of the Bible together as a family. You can also pick a topic such as kindness and look up & read those particular passages together. At Victory, we make many resources available through our website, blogs and literature racks in the church foyer. Any of these resources can be used to enhance family circles.  

2.      Have a family PRAYER time

This is a time for each member of the family to make prayer requests and then take turns praying with family members. Record these request in your family prayer book to help you keep track of God’s blessings. Make it public when a prayer is answered and mark it off your list as a family; rejoice together as God answers your prayers. Make a big deal of Gods wonderful works. This will show God’s power to your family as well as get people in your family use to praying in front of others. Use your church prayer list and Missionary cards as a place to start your prayer time.

3.      Have a family FUN time

You should have a regular time that your family sets aside to play games together. Laughter is like a medicine the Bible teaches us and it is needed now more than ever. Play games like; Bible sword drills, Bible questions, board/card games….these will help enhance your family unit to a new level. Laughter locks families together better than money or possessions ever could.  

4. Have family QUALITY time

Turn off all distractions and sit together as a family and talk. You can go around and ask family members to say one nice thing about each other. Talk openly about successes and failures; discuss plans for future activities and family recreation times. Make sure to have a quality time with each member of your family individually. One on one time is a valuable tool in raising a faithful and God honoring family. TV is not quality time!

Someone once said, “The family that prays together stays together” I believe that a family that is welded together by Biblical and Spiritual bonds will be stronger and more prepared to face the disruptions of life. God is able to make the lasting difference in your family that you are looking for. Put God first and watch him move in ways that will enhance your family spirit and empower you to stay strong through difficult times for years to come. Families spend much time and money seeking to find a solution to their family issues; in the end, often the world’s medications, psychologists & counselors fail to bring the real and lasting solutions they need. THROUGH CHRIST and his word you will find the family you seek.

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